24 Steps to Make Your Cryptocurrency Marketing Campaign A Success

cryptocurrency marketing campaign

While Crypto is the only buzz that we can give ear to, why not pay some extra on the marketing campaign? After all, all that a startup ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) needs is targeted crowd who would find the name and invest in. We all know that marketing or promotional activities play a stupendous role to multiply the business. However, targeting the right audience while marketing your currency that could promise application beyond currency is welcome the most.

So, how tough is it to promote your currency in the best possible way? Well, with more than 1500 altcoins in sight, creating awareness about your currency and to make it found, it takes effort. As we are in the embryonic years of the fast emerging technology of altcoins, an authentic online campaign will do wonders in the right way.

  1. How do you feel when you get some free tokens from your investments? You feel wonderful, right? After all, who does not love some free tokens? Do the same to your customers as well. Airdropping has been considered as a very popular marketing strategy among the leading ICOs around the globe. Don’t hesitate to use this age-old strategy thinking of the consequence. Take our word as a guarantee: it will work as wonderfully the free promotional gifts works among customers.

There are plenty of well-traveled websites based around tracking upcoming airdrops (such as EOS Drops), so announcing one for your cryptocurrency is a good way to generate hype and encourage investing. The more people you attract, the larger your community will grow—and that growth will, in turn, attract people who are only willing to purchase a coin with a well-established base.

  1. Every time you use an industry jargon, put technical terms, or focus more on the technical details while promoting your idea, you lose a customer. When it comes to promoting your startup idea, simple messages work more efficiently. No one remembers the data you have put in your advertisement. People are concerned about what you are offering, how effective it is, and if can manage the unnoticed issues.

So instead of presenting your message with logic and statistics, put some effort in making an eye-catching imagery, a YouTube video, use some keywords that even non- technical people outside virtual currency industry can also get to know.

  1. A subtle yet persuasive way to lead the industry with your marketing campaign is to teach your audience. Though it is 2018, there are thousands of people who even could not make out what the internet is. All they care about is smooth streaming of videos, access to social media news feeds, and online shopping. This being the situation, cryptocurrency is an alien concept. However, when it comes to gathering more business and target people from every sphere, we suggest putting some effort into educating the fundamentals. Once you do that, audiences with very low knowledge about virtual currencies and are skeptical would grow some interest.

Also, promote your idea in a manner that even a lame person could pick up the intended message. We know it’s difficult to make and present things in the simplest manner, but that is what helps in marketing communication.

  1. Make your agency seen in all the social media pages you own. Post the link in all social media platforms. Write a blog or pay popular blog websites to feature your advertisement in all their shared blogs. Hire popular websites that work in optimizing startup ICOs and handle worldwide audiences. They will distribute your ideas and promote you to its subscribers. These websites work in a search engine optimized manner which always raises search rankings, featuring your agency on top of Google pages.
  2. You can never go wrong with podcasting. Use this very tool to engage with a large number of people- both online and offline. Podcast is an episodic telecast of audio or video files, which people can subscribe or sometimes download. When you podcast, you start educating your target audience about cryptocurrency, what you are doing in the industry, and why they should consider you over others. However, so not put too much information in one episode. Allow your audiences to engage in the content, think and question. Answer those in the next episode and start with something new. You can always sort the episodes for experienced audiences and for novices.
  3. Be found when people counter with problems. Be the solution to real-time problems that audiences face while working on or with cryptocurrencies. Ask a few questions to yourself: what is the purpose of the project you are promoting? What is the concept that the project revolves around? Is the business model suitable for long-term investments? If your campaigning has answers to all these seemingly tough questions, you are good to go.
  4. Invest in a marketing campaign that clearly states your brand objective and vision. Without these, there are slimmer chances to reach people even with great product ideas.
  5. Like podcast, you can always go for an interview, even if you have to pay for it. Also, go to those who emphasize more on startups or newbie agencies. The plus point is you do not have to build your audiences from scratch and could reach to more people who are already interested in the genre.
  6. Yes, you have heard that right. Promote your ICO in the social media platforms like Medium and Steemit. Medium is a crypto- community with people who are informed, engaged and large in size. On the other hand, Steemit is the platform popular in the crypto crowd for sharing engaging yet short articles. One can use both the mediums about a project, an idea, or the ways your startup will address to crypto issues. Once published here your presence can never be denied.
  7. If you do not boast people with significant knowledge of marketing, creating engaging content or advertising fundamentals, it’s always better not to take the risk and hire professionals. Steemit, Medium, or any other online platforms that work with cryptocurrencies or virtual transactions, have a well- informed client base. These people are well acquainted with quality content, bright and unique ideas, and solutions that would help you stand differently. So hire those who are experienced and have real-time hand- on experience in managing cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  8. If you hire professionals to write for your campaign or an agency who would advertise in popular sites on behalf of you, it would cost you. Make sure to bid your cost and hire only genuine and best quality freelancers. They will charge you at different rates. Beware of agencies with surprisingly low rates. Chances are they are fake.
  9. In order to make your ICO more approaching to the target audience, do not overlook SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO ensures that even after you have paid long ago in promoting your page or website, it is still on the page and well exposed to the target clients.
  10. Encounter with off page SEO strategies like brand building and online reputation management.
  11. Go for a real-time, simple and cost-effective strategy to ensure continuous and organic link building of your project. Visibility and viability of your ICO project for a long-term are necessary to generate both revenue and audiences, and only SEO could provide you that.
  12. One can use email marketing as a tool to promote ICO projects, but not without the recipients’ consent. Otherwise, there are chances of getting unsubscribed from probable clients’ inbox. This would damage your name, making your emails spam.
  13. Gather information about the crypto events being organized around you. Attend those, sponsor some or you can even host crypto events to get in touch with ICO/STO to interested parties.
  14. Know your audience before you share your ideas. Although the increasing global popularity of ICO agencies is rising, one needs to stand apart by targeting the right segment so that effective results engage more population.
  15. Allow your probable investors to go through your ideas and dug deep. Be transparent when you are sharing your business model and future plans. It would promote a positive reputation about you help you gather more money from the investors.
  16. Don’t always promote your story purposely. Also, share engaging articles, start live sessions on social media, share the latest industry news etc. In one word, promote information.
  17. Being a startup ICO, you can always promote insightful analysis about loopholes and stop gaps in the industry. It will automatically boost your necessity among the customers.
  18. Be available for your audiences and community. Start joining conversations, responding to queries and take part in discussions.
  19. Use user-generated content. The more user generates content you have, it replicates that you have the most dedicated client base.
  20. Encourage word of mouth. Use your social media followers to that for you.
  21. Keep your promises. Don’t talk something that you cannot fulfill. Your advertisements should not be empty promises.

While the above-mentioned sections throw light on the effective methods that cryptocurrency startups should abide by is they want to play a long game in the industry, following are a handful of reasons for the same startups to fail-

  • It’s been found that startup ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) often fail to release a product. While some manage to find a product that turns out not market fit. Some release a great product but that is of no use probably solves a problem that no one has right now. Either way, cryptocurrency startups incline to more risks.
  • Not every ICO is successful by nature. There could ample reasons to fail but the absence of a winning marketing strategy for your product can take a toll. While many argue and tend to keep product over marketing, but that may vary. While organizations are seen to change their products, or make some refashioning, and survive. But a poor marketing strategy barely survives.
  • In the competitive market, make sure you are bringing in something different compared to your competitors. With little or no experience in running a startup or fundamental knowledge about cryptocurrency, it is difficult to survive. In all possible ways, competitors can eat up your time, project, promotion and overrule.


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