Top 7 Crypto Currency Trends That Will Have Influence All Over 2019

cryptocurrency trends

Since Bitcoin started its journey back in 2009, the world of cryptocurrencies has been upside down and inside out. The wave was so huge that across the globe it changed the definition of cryptocurrency, making investors believe in only its growth. However, 9 years after that wave, cryptocurrency has now become a black hole of opportunities, with the power to make or break economies and totally subdue paper currencies.

This being the scenario, almost 10 months of the year 2018 has worn a combined cap- it has seen a record high of US $830 million on January, while in the next couple of months the total market capitalization dropped by almost 65%, taking away all the good night’s sleep of investors.

So what would be the right call to survive the market? What are the fundamentals to apprehend if the market shifts overnight? It’s important to introduce a few twists to your profile.

Investors around the world believe that the fundamentals have remained the same. Despite confusion with its legal acceptability and higher chances of fraudulent activities, India, China, and South Korea is no way going to ban cryptocurrency in near future.

However, Russia has the plans to rule over the industry again. In fact, they have the plans to deny all the existing cryptocurrencies in the market and start off with their own, Cryptoruble in 2019. Simultaneously, the USA government and intelligence agency are continuously in the job of finding illegal activities within the industry.

While many argue that unlawful agencies will be there till the end, but assuring digital assets is necessary. We should not forget that by the coming few years blockchain jobs will be the fastest growing in the market with premium salaries.

So here are we have listed the top trends of cryptocurrency of 2019. Keep these in mind while investing. We guarantee you won’t go wrong with these keys rules of investment in your pocket.



While the cryptocurrency industry swears by Bitcoin, this year has seen a drop in its popularity. Bitcoin was launched in the industry in 2009 and have been the most popular currency till 2017. This year, due to its rigid growth for multiple political ups and downs, other cryptocurrencies are getting competitive.

Bitcoin used to lead others in a high margin; however, the likability of the same doesn’t improve for a year or so, exposing it to being pushed down by other currencies.

On the other hand, many investors are into an idea that Bitcoin has a lightening network, most suitable for blockchain systems, making it accepted by a larger population over other currencies. There’s a saying among investors that when Bitcoin sneezes, altcoins catches a cold. Keeping these apart, people are of opinion that Bitcoin will remain as the king of crypto, and temporary instability will surely wave off.

In all probability, Bitcoin’s dominance is very likely to increase by 50 percent in 2019- 2020. Compared to Ethereum and Ripple, which holds the crown of second and third popular cryptocurrencies now, Bitcoin is significantly less volatile.

If you are still in doubt and are sceptical if you should invest in Bitcoin or not hear it directly from the investors. “Bitcoin currently has a 40%i share in the total cryptocurrency market cap! It dominates the market being the oldest one.

” Well, many could raise the point that Bitcoin has split itself and that by the next trimester may drop its value. The actual scenario is those who made investments before the split of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, made huge profits, which almost doubled the amount of investment.



Even in 2018, platforms will be the safest and easiest ways to invest and make money out of digital assets. Lets us take the Ethereum platform for example. In Ethereum, as many as 71 percents of ICOs were launched in 2017. Why? Well, Ethereum saw a huge rise of $1400 from the meagre amount of $8; all in one year of time.

No one can deny that platforms are the most reliable ways of launching ICOs. This value has simultaneously increased the craze of ICOs, which is very likely to continue even in 2018, which will further increase the value of all platforms that launch ICOs.

Although decentralized applications raise huge amounts of money launching ICOs, it’s still not too early for investors to shift to decentralized apps in order to make it easier to reach mainstream adoption. Also, one should keep in mind that post-2018, most number of decentralised applications would be Not to mention the fact that over time, most decentralized applications will be bid a goodbye from the platform itself. Also, the decentralised applications have a long way to go before they could reach the level of market adoption.

So if you have an investment in mind think of the timing first. Ask yourself is it the right time to invest. All that you would be concerned of is the risk even worth it? Aspects like technology, team or the value of the investment, and return you are getting from the investment can be judged as the value of the investment, with secondary logics.

Go through some popular yet spectacular examples of failures in the genre of technology. Take Facebook as an example. It would have failed if launched in the 90s. Because that was not the right time, the internet boom had not happened yet, there was nothing called fast network connection, moreover, people had all three assets to concentrate on, rather the 4th one.

Here is where platforms will play its role. Decentralised applications which were said to be chucked off from the platform itself, would build an infrastructure to hold its value. As projects will build on platforms, applications are expected to make the profit. Some of the most popular platforms for making the profit in 2018 are: ETH, NEO, EOS, and ICX.

The Popularity of ICOs Remain the Same while Platforms will change Legitimised

The popularity of ICOs remain the same while platforms will change

No doubt with the platforms being secure and reliable ways to make investments, the ICOs will take the cryptocurrency world in a storm by the end of 2018.

It is believed that ICOs will be responsible for as many as 3.5 percents of growth and earning capital to blockchain start-ups. In fact, studies are of opinion that if this module continues, both the investors and the founders of ICOs and blockchain start-ups will keep a nice profit in their account.

Also, it’s the ICOs that would generate more liquidity in the market. Virtual investments are made with large amounts, keeping in mind that after a span of 5 to 10 years the money would result in a substantial payday amount.

However, ICOs will allow the investors to not lock their money for those many years, allowing instantaneous liquidity, and to move in and out of projects when they feel like it.

Here’s a suggestion for budding investors to consider: Crypto platforms and infrastructure projects have a risk factor, while reward goes hand in hand. Initial projects will surge demand as they are exposed to decentralized applications.

Not to mention that 2018 will clear the picture if investors would reap the reward on platforms.

Cryptocurrencies will become mainstream and Cryptocurrencies will become mainstream and legitimised


Not to mention that the cryptocurrency market is flourishing very quickly. The growth is so fast that despite few illegal and fraudulent transactions on the web, governments around the world are very likely to make it legitimised. In fact, cryptocurrencies are expected to be an alteration of monetary transactions in near future.

Hopefully, 2018 would be the starting of that. Altcoins will be influenced by Bitcoin price movements. This trend will see a fast growth as investors would see Bitcoin a currency to maximum dominance.

ICOs Will come in contact with Regulatory RepulseICOs Will come in contact with Regulatory Repulse

It is only last year, in 2017, when China and South Korea banned everything related to the crypto world- ICOs, platforms, Bitcoin, Altcoins and liquid investments. It was also declared that a majority of ICOs would be part of a scrutiny conducted by the US securities law which if failed to meet the regulations, result into legal actions.

This reposition from the governments are very likely to a slowdown of the craze of ICOs, however, this could also lead to a stronger foundation of the market by 2020.

With time, as governments would take a more intolerant stance towards ICOs in future, strict regulatory acts that would make the market stronger is highly appreciated. Also, with increased regulations post-2018, the market would see an increase of ICOs from countries with relaxed regulations.

Ethereum Will Be the King to Launch the Most Number of ICOs

However, Will Have A Lower Market Cap. As in 2017 Ethereum has seen almost 70% of ICOs launched them in this platform, the trend will continue in 2018. But due to scaling issues, and weakened network, many of the ICOs would choose to release them in the market using an alternative platform, leading Ethereum into lower profit cap.

Digital Assets Would be Easier to Purchase

The present industry setting is not well equipped to serve the huge demand for investors. With Coinbase in the market, welcoming the millions would be easier.

Many have predicted that 2018 will be the year of cryptocurrencies and launch and dealing of ICOs and currencies would be easier than ever before. Thanks to the launch of centralized and decentralized exchanges, transactions will be both efficient and fast, without risking security and leaving high-value investors.


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